Starry 21

20 Mar

by Anon

There might be freezing irony in the open
window like it was
summer when
in fact
it is spring.

But in the background
-in this picture -
the old crone of a tree,
spreadeagle in the alley way,
under arrest,
without leaves.

Oh, if the windows might be open,
then enter the dream.
should be something seedy
and this is 43,
in the middle of the war
between droning skies
and the clouds.

No planes falling,
no one in a daze in the garden,
then at 45 degrees,
a nose, cold and runny.


2 Feb

Susan Scutti

Are you awake?

The healing has occurred in a dusty room where

Your former life disappears into lines drawn by someone unknown.

Through a window you hear the brief, shrill notes of birds above the sounds of

Car engines and your attention wanders to the past.

What did you not know then that might have changed how things turned out?

In a nearby theater, others stare at projections on a screen.

The wet membranes of their eyes shimmer with colored lights

As the unclaimed ghost travels between the time of them and space of you.

salt and silicon

16 Jan

Samuel Glendal

The sensation left you wanting something unknown while the feeling of grit inside your clothes evoked a recurring need for derelict experience.

Snow filled the sill.
An endlessness of minutes accumulated in the dishpan and meanwhile the spelunking failure of taste
of theory
of nerve

And now you are lost and the only way home is through him
the one you cannot trust entirely
though you do care and care completely

Need is something you have learned to live around.
Once you got the knack it seemed so easy and yet before there was only continuous exposure of membranes unused to light.

the drift of profanity
the draught of carbonated deity
electronic reach exceeding industrial grasp
ecstasy attained and occurred

die to live

7 Jan

Susan Scutti

Just as a bitter memory is dislodged from her heart, the train arrives in the station.

The morning is a siren gone dead from overuse.

Snow has fallen and now covers the tar rooftops.
Daylight shines through the broken blinds.

His face is a child’s drawing made only with circles.

In the steel support rust forms the shape of a kidney.

A jagged pattern weaves through his neurons.
She has a compulsion to sacrifice.

The night is a nod and a sneeze.

title is from Much Ado About Nothing

the parabolic decision

29 Dec

Clark Stabel

the sky was anaerobic
clouds looked like they had
to be part of that blue
where so high up
it could freeze a piano
and perhaps
5000 feet below
was hardly breathing.

the dull ice
without light
without clothes
as if homeless
part of a beer commercial
in another life?
part of a rotting bone
part of a car wheel
leaving its perfume
in the din drone.

fuck you curt

18 Dec

so you didn’t have the perfect life
so you have fans from alakska
so you are perfectly dangerous and entertaining




miles to go before i sleep
miles to go

i love clark

18 Dec

Susan Scutti

Why does the angel, her wings askew, lie crumpled in the corner? Dismay appears on Giuliana’s face through the glass darkened by night. Outside, a passerby raises his hand as a shield against the falling snow which stings his cheeks, blinds him. He pauses on the sidewalk just beyond her window. Neither is aware of the other despite their proximity yet their thoughts are a matching shade of hope. They have seen hard times and overcome, and today they understand the gravity of their next act. The lamp is lit, darkness deepens.

snow lingers twirling mid-air as it falls from a pale complected sky

a former dream remembered

quickening steps, the future awaits


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