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28 Nov

by Raphael Moser

sunrise foolish and able
And big hearted all the same
Vascular shadows
Circumambulate the mountainside
The water still in the channel
As the temperature drops
Perhaps it is time
Wait listed beside the oratory

21 Nov

Raphael Moser

It was a welcoming blue
Massive and deep
Like a surrogate object
In the desert
The large V navigating the territory
A miniature version in lead
Holding the void
The blue smiling

Earth Mounds

24 Oct

By Raphael Moser

How delightful
The unexpected
She was a lovely
Lonely Hopper lady
With her cascading looks
She etched the world in red

He was part of something again


19 Sep

by Raphael Moser

Marshmallow ducks
And pink hubris
The right of the last
Planks of green
The day.
A medicinal

Western Tier

12 Sep

by Raphael Moser

A swarm of movement permeates the interior of the sector
Paths stripe the land at the edge . Under the sullen sky and into the
Penetrating green arbor,the oxygenated blood derived from the good


Pure land is rarely experienced, against the compression
Capture the synesthetic parameters

The dynamism and its permutations. It is
Possible to behold a monumental expanse

Engulfed by lush vigorous cover and the weight

At the perimeter

The faint outline of a group moving along the water
The immensity of sky and the cool, still, water almost


The sun is cast back

Before the darker fringes of shadow understating clouds and barely forming a ripple on the
Flat liquid surface

The sense of a uniform presence is magnified by the absence


22 Aug

by Raphael Moser

You’re a black salmon
The shore awaits
The first and last
Sign the ending
The moon throwing down

Mistress moon kneels at water’s edge

El G

15 Aug

by Raphael Moser

At the time, the furniture fell
And then,
The one
Manifold spread

What Could it Be Now

8 Aug

by Raphael Moser

Well it was lemons and green portions
More parts not better
Than the one
Found in a corner of the market place
How could it be

Remember one than the other
A monotonous trio

Hollow Kick

18 Jul

by Raphael Moser

I don’t believe that’s it
You’ve forecast
A desiccated precedent
Humble the coarse table
Don’t root for your devious sanction
Its Incremental

Breakfast Roundelay

11 Jul

by Raphael Moser

Supreme confidence
It comes in colors
Peculiar to the actual hurdles you’ve cleared
Its automatic
And you’ve cleared
The alleys the boardrooms
The foie gras
Haven’t you?
I can think of you as a foil
A maverick pretzel
The millionth movement


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