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Borrow More

30 Nov

Tom Savage

You never know what you come home to
If you’re lucky or unlucky.
It all depends. A notch up
Or down could be the crown of your day
Or night. Ready for flight.
That’s right. Being stuck
In the eighteenth century has both advantages
And disadvantages. Anything is possible
But few of these things actually occur.

Making death love me
Is something I can postpone indefinitely.
Lean artfully in some direction.
Carry a prompter from one place to another.
Carry the weak home.
Dream-besieged war can wait until another day.
Magnificent wastrels fade quickly.
No amnesia is merciful.
Some who want love’s majesty
Need their lines sent before their time
Half made up in tight tights.

Crawl between earth and heaven.
Watch out for meteors or dim the lights.
Counterfeit a man but not a woman.
The open air will find you.
All the dialogues turn against you in the end.

Written while watching Barrymore by Erik Canuel and with Christopher Plummer


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